Securing your ladder when you travel is as important as using it safely. This week, I saw an article about a ladder that fell off of a vehicle and was left in the road. In an effort to avoid the ladder, a car swerved, rolled and hit another car. 

So, what are some tips for safely securing a ladder when you’re transporting it? 

  1. Use a ladder rack. Using a ladder rack is one of the most convenient ways to transport your ladder from job to job. Always make sure the ladders are put on and secured all the way. Also, never stack ladders on top of one another on the rack. 
  2. Use a Ratchet Strap. If you don’t have a ladder rack, use a ratchet strap to make sure the ladder is stored safely and tightly to the ladder. If your ladder is hanging out the back of your truck or other vehicles, always use a red flag to let other drivers know they need to watch out. 
  3. Put the ladder inside the vehicle. Not only will the ladder be safe and secure, but you will get better gas mileage. A study done a few years ago found that when ladders were transported inside a vehicle, the vehicle got much better gas mileage and decreased the wear and tear.