Use your ladder safely like the model in this picture.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of ladder accident news articles out there. In December,  another one caught my eye. This man was working on a ladder in Birzebugga, a city in Malta, an island off the shore of Italy.  He was working at home, carrying some items to the roof when he fell off the ladder. The ladder then fell on top of the man, adding extra injury.

The article didn’t have any more detail on the accident or updates on the man’s condition, but the story can still provide a few reminders for us.

  1. Always check, recheck and check again before climbing your ladder
  2. If the ladder is leaned against a roofline, make sure it extends three feet past the roofline to prevent the ladder from sliding out
  3. Always maintain three points of contact when ascending or descending the ladder
  4. If you need materials at the top of the ladder, use a tool belt or a pulley system to get the materials where you need them.

We hope the man is able to make a full recovery, and we hope you can work safely on your ladder by following the safety tips above.