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What are the different types of fall protection equipment?

Jason from Progressive Safety Equipment reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and invited me to share this infographic with you. 


For more safety tips, make sure to visit Jason’s safety site, http://blog.progressivemy.com.


stopconstructionfalls.comAbout a year ago, I wrote a little feature for a site called StopConstructionFalls.com, but, with so many new subscribers, I thought it would be good to do another feature post.

StopConstructionFalls.com is a website designed to help those who work in construction prevent falls and the injuries that come from falling. This site is incredibly useful for anyone who works in the construction industry, but also has great resources for workers in any industry with falling hazards.

About the Site

StopConstructionFalls.com is a website developed by NIOSH and the Center for Construction Research and Training. Included in the website are loads of pages with information and links to valuable resources. The goal of the site is to distribute information on preventing falls in the workplace. The website also has success stories from organizations that have successfully had a “Stand-Down.” This section also has some ideas you can incorporate with your team to promote fall prevention. There is also a page dedicated to creating a map with all the construction fatalities across the United States. The map adds a visual component to the numbers that are often thrown around.

Valuable Resources

Another cool element to this site is the Campaign Partners page. On this page, you find various organizations and businesses that have partnered with StopConstructionFalls.com to distribute fall prevention and protection information. The site also has videos, campaign materials, handouts, and materials for those who work on ladders.

Overall, I think StopConstructionFalls.com is a great resource for any safety officer. Do you have a site with resources you find valuable?

OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations

resourcesThe results from 2014’s most common OSHA safety violations are in. What do you think came in at number one?

The answer is….Fall Protection. Ladders also came in at number seven.

Fall prevention and ladder safety are both crucial, but somehow people seem to overlook how important they are. What can be done to decrease these violations?

Train, Train, Train

Make sure you train your team on the importance of ladder safety. Train your team on every aspect of fall protection. You can make the training interesting my using multimedia and by making the training interactive.

Enforce the Guidelines

What good is safety training if the guidelines are not enforced? OSHA reps can come out at any time and write up the violations, so it is important to make sure your team follows all the guidelines. It is crucial to prevent your team from developing bad habits by letting them know whenever there is an infraction.

Reward Safety

Work with your team to set safety goals. You could choose a number of days to go without having an accident, or another goal that is applicable to your team. Then, when the team reaches the goal, reward them.

OSHA’s top 10 list is always a good time to check what we are doing and see what we can improve on. What can your team do better to prevent issues with fall protection or ladder safety?

Helpful Safety Blogs

blogsA couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about the extra training resources you can utilize. This week, I want to write about some of the great blogs you can use to help you get ideas for training.

There are plenty of companies and organizations that have safety blogs with great information. Most of them don’t focus specifically on ladder safety and fall prevention. Instead, the sites cover a variety of safety topics and have a handful of posts about ladder safety and/or fall prevention.

My Safety Blogs

Occupational Health & Safety

The OH&S blog has loads of great articles about safety concerns around the workplace. The best part about OH&S is it has a section dedicated to fall protection. This section has loads of great articles and examples of people not taking the proper fall prevention precautions.

Simplified Safety

Simplified Safety sells fall protection and safety equipment. On their site, they also have great articles for combatting common (and not so common) workplace safety concerns. The blog has reviews on various products. It also has tips for being safe in various workplace situations.

Work Safety Blog

The Work Safety Blog covers all sorts of topics in relation to safety in the workplace. Topics range from eye protection to protective clothing to fall safety. If you are looking for a blog as a one-stop for all your safety concerns, the Work Safety Blog is a great option.

My Safe Work

MySafeWork.com is a blog created by Jessica DiSabatino and Rob Ellis, popular speakers in the health and safety field. The blog has some great interviews of safety professionals and interviews of those impacted by an on-the-job accident. The site also has tips for training young people to be safe. There are loads of categories to choose from, and many of them are applicable to fall prevention and general workplace safety.

I have found these blogs to be helpful when researching and looking for good fall protection topics to explore. I hope you find these blogs as valuable as I have. What safety blogs do you enjoy reading?

Thanks for Making the Ladder Safety Webinar Successful!

ladder safety webinarAbout the Ladder Safety Webinar

Yesterday, with Occupational Health & Safety, we put on a ladder safety webinar. The title for the webinar was “Fall Prevention vs. Fall Protection.” We talked about emerging issues in ladder safety and how to better prevent falls. Over at OH&S, they tell us that this was their most successful webinar ever. We had a record-breaking number of entries and participants!

Thank You for Your Participation

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated. The webinar would not have been the same without you. Thank you also to anyone who asked questions during the webinar. We weren’t able to get to all of the questions, but we will answer the ones we were unable to get to on the blog, so keep your eyes out!

We hope you were able to learn a few things from the webinar. If you missed the ladder safety webinar or want to listen again, follow this link to the archive. If you have thought of more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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