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Number of Ladder Accidents Each Year Infographic

Today, we have an infographic showing the number of ladder accidents, injuries and deaths per year. This infographic also shows how Little Giant Ladders helps prevent the most common ladder-related injuries. Check it out here!

Startling Statistics

ladder statisticsThis week, I was looking for some information about ladder safety around the world, but instead found some statistics that I just had to share.

In many countries, they don’t have an organization like OSHA to enforce rules and guidelines. This lack of guidelines results in people doing some totally crazy things on ladders. This was the case with the workers in Thailand we wrote about last month.

However, even with all the guidelines and enforcement by OSHA, the United States leads the world for ladder deaths, according to the World Health Organization. As we’ve mentioned before, the number of ladder accidents is staggering. There are more than 164,000 emergency-room treated injuries and more than 300 deaths from ladder accidents each year. Ladder falls is the most common cause of these injuries.

Fight the Statistics

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a few precautions you can take to prevent becoming one of these statistics. In reality, it is a little crazy that the US has more ladder accidents than other countries, especially since we have so many OSHA regulations and opportunities to use safer equipment.

Here are just a couple of tips to help your team to be safer:

Inspect the ladder before climbing. Make sure everything that is supposed to lock does actually lock. Also, make sure the ladder is in good shape and isn’t bent or otherwise damaged.

Incorporate ladder accessories. Sometimes using ladder accessories can help you climb more safely. Things such as levelers and stabilizers can prevent the ladder from tipping, especially if there is unlevel ground.

Follow proper protocol – One of the best ways to prevent becoming a statistic is to follow proper safety protocol. Don’t climb on the top cap or rung. Make sure the ladder is level before climbing. Don’t lean when on the ladder. All of these are ladder basics that some workers forget.

We’ve talked a lot about holiday safety over the last month or so, but these tips are great reminders, even once the holidays are over.

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