Here are some are testimonials from those who have gone through Dave’s safety training.

Thank you again for making the trip out here to give us the class on ladder safety. The class was received well and very helpful to us as a maintenance department. Most of the guys here had never had ladder safety and was working off assumption. Those are now put to rest.
John Stemmer | United States Bureau of Reclamation


It was a pleasure spending time yesterday talking, you are truly a wealth of information and an expert in your field.
Rory Eccher | Sr Program Manager | Safety


Hi Dave,
I really appreciate you attending our conference yesterday and providing the information on your products. Feedback from the group is that we have some distinct opportunities to improve this “safety equipment” across all our facilities. As our corporate group moves through the fall protection procedure development process we will have better information to provide on the vetting process. I suspect that you will be hearing from some of our sites as all the information packets were distributed.I look forward to working with you in the future!
Jody Chaney


Hey Dave,
Thank you so much for the demonstration. I can truly say we were all impressed.
Brandon Bychek | Facility Supervisor | NASA / DFRC