downloadToday, we have a guest article from Zachary O’Dell from SafetyLine Lone Worker.


When people think about dangers in the workplace, they often underestimate the impact of trips, slips, and falls. Not only are these accidents a major cause of injuries leading to missed work, but they can also be deadly. According to OSHA, slips trips and falls are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities, resulting in 15% of all accidental deaths.

Read below for tips that will help you avoid trips, slips, and falls in your workplace.

Wear proper footwear

Be sure to use the right shoes for your working environment. Many varieties of slip resistant shoes are available, and an easy way to make shoes less slippery is by scuffing the soles before using them. This can be done by rubbing the soles on concrete or by using a knife to score them.

Find the correct tool for the situation

If you need to grab something out of reach, take the time to find a proper step stool or ladder. Many chairs are not designed to withstand the weight of someone standing directly on them, and they could break. Standing on folding chairs can cause them to collapse, and swivel office chair can slide out from underneath you.

Clean spills and messes before they become slipping hazards

Keep work spaces clean to avoid slipping and tripping hazards. Pick up any fallen objects from the floor, and quickly wipe up spills to avoid slips.

Ensure walkways and paths are clear when moving objects

When you need to move a large object, clear a path beforehand. Shuffling around other object while carrying a load can result in a fall due to decreased mobility and visibility.

Follow proper safety procedures when using ladders

When climbing a ladder, you should always be facing the ladder and ensure you maintain three points of contact at any given point.  Finally make sure you only have one person on a ladder at a time, more then one person can make it unstable.

Let people know when you’re moving

People in a shared workspace can be a tripping hazard to each other, so it’s important to let others know when you’re moving behind them. When opening doors into spaces, it’s a good practice to give warning.

Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind the next time you’re moving around your work space. Most importantly, make sure everyone else in your workplace is also aware of these practices and potential hazards. The more people that know how to avoid slips, trips, and falls in a workplace, the safer that workplace will be.