ladders are safety equipmentYou always want to make sure you inspect your ladder before using it. A number of accidents can actually be prevented with a proper –pre-climb inspection. You want to make sure every piece of the ladder is in good working order and that no part of it has been damaged in any way. To make it easier for your team, have a checklist for them to look at and fill out before climbing. You can actually get one from the toolbox section of this site. Feel free to download it and make copies available to your team.

Maintain three points of contact

Always make sure to maintain three points of contact when on the ladder. Have three parts of your body touching the ladder at all times. Three points of contact helps the operator keep balance, preventing falls.

Don’t Lean

When on your ladder, make sure to keep your belt buckle between the rails.  Leaning causes the ladder to tip, which often leads to serious injury. It can be tempting to “just lean a little more” to get a job done, but you need to get off the ladder and move it, preventing the ladder from slipping.

Don’t Stand on the Top Rung or Top Cap

As we’ve said before, never stand on the top rung or top cap of a ladder since doing this can cause the ladder to tip much more easily than if you stay on the rungs meant for climbing. If you feel the need to stand on the top, find yourself a taller ladder to use instead.

What are other tips for climbing safe?