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Need a safety training right now? We’ve got you covered! Watch Toolbox Talk video below. It covers all aspects of the safety training. Watch it here:

Ladder Safety Toolbox

We have put together a variety of training resources for you and your team. The Ladder Safety Toolbox has great information, including OSHA guidelines, safety flyers, checklists, PowerPoint presentations and more. Here is a full list of everything included in the toolbox:

Links – OSHA Little Giant sites

OSHA Ladder Safety Rules

OSHA Fall Prevention Training Guide

OSHA Falling Off Ladders Can Kill

OSHA Quick Card Ladder Setup

MSHA Best Practices

 MSHA Ladder Safety Bulletin

NAHB Scaffolding and Laddder Training Guide

NAHB Scaffold and ladder Power Point

General Ladder Safety Checklist

Ladder Inspection Checklist

Visit the American Ladder Institute

The American Ladder Institute has comprehensive safety training available to you and your team. There are links to a number of resources, including multimedia training, a ladder inspection checklist and more. If you want an involved training for your employees, make sure to visit

ladder safety toolbox


Sign-up for Safety Training

Dave, our national safety director, or another qualified safety professional will come to your business and provide a comprehensive training for you and your team. During the training, attendees will be taught how to properly inspect and use a ladder. They will also be given OSHA resources to use after the training. In addition, the trainer will go over some products that solve common ladder safety issues. All of this is included at no cost to you or your company. Sign up for your team’s free ladder safety training by filling out the form on the right. Just enter your contact information and a member of our team will get in touch with you soon.

Other Resources

OSHA Standard 1926.1053: Ladders

OSHA Standard 1910.26: Portable Metal Ladders

MSHA Standard CFR § 56: Parts 1-199

Portable Ladder Safety: OSHA Quick Card

OSHA Fall Protection

OSHA Construction eTool: Ladder Safety

OSHA Contruction eTool: Misuse of Portable Ladders

Cost of Safety Infographic