Emergency-signLast month, I ran across this tragic story from Pasadena, California. A man passed away in a horrible chainsaw ladder accident. These stories are especially tragic when they happen during the holiday season, like this one did.

The California man was standing on a ladder while trimming a tree. Based on the accident report, the man fell from the ladder and severed his arm  and neck with the chainsaw. Police found deceased outside his home when doing a welfare check.

As tragic as this story is, we have a few reminders to help prevent these types of accidents:

  1. Never lean your ladder against the tree you are trimming
  2. Have someone be a “spotter” and don’t work alone
  3. Don’t lean or overreach while on the ladder

Our hearts go out to this man’s family. I come to work each day and write these articles to prevent these types of accidents from happening.