IMG_0605I just ran across the most tragic story I’ve seen in a while. A man was on a ladder helping prepare for his mom’s funeral when he fell. He later died from his injuries. Two deaths in one family, can you imagine the pain the surviving family has been dealing with?

The article didn’t give details on the accident, except to say that he fell backwards off the ladder.

So, what can be learned from this tragic accident?

The biggest thing is to take precautions so you don’t fall backwards (or frontwards) off your ladder.

-Make sure the ground is not slippery

When setting up the ladder, make sure the ground is not slippery or wet.

-Make sure the ladder is in good working order

Always make sure you do a good inspection on the ladder. Make sure the ladder feet are solid and the treads are good.

-Maintain three points of contact

Always have either two feet and one hand or two hands and one feet on the ladder.

What happened to this man and his family is as sad as it is tragic, but there is a chance his accident could have been prevented. Hopefully we can learn from his mistakes and make adjustments in our lives so the same doesn’t happen to us.