As a safety officer, you know safety is important. You know what it takes to help your team be safe. You know what equipment is best, and you are willing to spend a little bit more if it means people from your team will return home safely. You provide safety training and help enforce safety guidelines. You are the best safety officer you can be. But you can’t be everywhere at once to enforce safety. Are the site supervisors as passionate about safety as you are? Here are a couple of tips for helping you train your safety officers on the importance of safety.

Pull at the Heart Strings

There are plenty of videos that tell stories of real people who were affected by a ladder accident. Here are a couple of good ones.

If you have had a workplace injury, don’t be afraid to include that story. When there is an element to training, it can sometimes help convince and stress the importance of the topic to the audience.

Show the Difference

To get them on board, show the site supervisors the difference between quality equipment and less expensive equipment. Show the weight ratings and how the various equipment holds up over time. Doing this will illustrate why you have chosen the superior equipment.

Explain the Guidelines

You will need the site supervisors to help you enforce the OSHA guidelines. In order to do that, they need to also know the guidelines. Take some time to teach the site supervisors about OSHA’s guidelines, and why some of those guidelines are in place.

If you can get site supervisors to understand the importance of ladder (and other) safety, it will be much easier to keep your people safe.