A Kentucky man was trimming a tree when he was knocked off his ladder, falling 10-12 feet. The tree branch then landed on his chest. He ended up passing away from his injuries. After this incident, a professional tree trimming company spoke out to help people work safer by encouraging them to choose a professional tree-cutting service instead of trying to do it alone.

“You can never be too safe when it comes to tree work,” said Lee Gutterman with Limbwalker Tree Service. “There’s a degree of unpredictability, especially if you’re not trained in doing this type of thing.”

So, what are the struggles with major tree trimming? A lot of times, the person trimming will lean the ladder right against the tree, but this is just not safe. The tree branch can boomerang back, as it did in this tragic story, knocking the person off the ladder. Also, don’t trim the tree while you are actually in the tree. When trimming the tree, instead, make sure you are not in a position where the tree branch could snap back and knock you down. If you don’t have experience with trimming trees, or, if your tree is large, you may want to consider working with professionals to do the work so you don’t put your safety at work.