Step Ladders are a common tool you will find in many industrial occupations, including construction carpenters, electricians, landscapers, brick and cement masons, drywall installers, and much more. Step Ladders are also often used within the home.

When using a step ladder be sure to remember these important safety tips. Start with level ground or use a leveling tool to adjust the ladder. Ladders are susceptible to tipping when not supported evenly at the base. Make sure your ladder is opened and locked in the right position. Never leave a ladder in a partially opened position. Once your ladder is set up correctly, be cautious when ascending and descending. Do not attempt to reposition your ladder while climbing or resting on the steps. Stay towards the middle of the steps and do not overreach, as doing so can create instability. While it may seem easier to carry objects yourself while ascending, always face your ladder when in use and keep a firm hold with your hands. Lastly, never stand on the top step of your ladder, it is unstable and not suitable for climbing.

Your ladder should be equipped with built-in safety tools. You should see anti-slip safety feet on the bottom to prevent sliding. Your spreaders should stay strong and locked when in use. Your steps should stay secure and hold in place to support your weight. If one of these aspects is not working as intended, do not climb your ladder. Always do an inspection before you climb to make sure your ladder is in good enough shape to use.

Keeping these tips in mind, no matter the job, will keep you safe while operating your ladder. For more information and articles on stepladder safety visit