HyperLiteSumo M24 Carry4We haven’t had a news story blog post for awhile. Just this week, I read an article about a man in Texas who was on a ladder during a wind storm. He fell from his ladder, falling to the ground 25 feet below. He passed away from his injuries. Police are still investigating the accident, but winds were 20+ mph that day.

We often talk about basic ladder safety, and we rarely focus on another aspect of safety, the weather conditions. This tragic story is a perfect illustration of why paying attention to weather while on a ladder is so important. In cases of high winds, take a break from your ladder. Your life is not worth finishing the job quickly.

If it is raining or snowing, leave the task for another day. The moisture can leave your ladder slippery, making it hard to keep your footing. Even worse, the ground could be slick, making it hard for your ladder to stay in place.

In case of bad weather, including high winds, rain or snow, play it safe and avoid a tragic accident by waiting to climb your ladder.